About Us

Get to know all about Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC - what we do, our mission and our history. Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC is a year-round Farm that offers locals a variety of fresh farm products, produce and family friendly events. We specialize in Vegetables, Fresh Herbs and Honey, but offer customers so much more.

At Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock LLC experience. For more information, get in touch!

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About The Farm

Celtic Glen Heritage Livestock thrives in Owen Co., home to the Miami, Pottawatomie, Delaware, and Eel River tribes. The glen is near the White River. The farm, as such, was built (1950s-80s) by Paul Ault, working a factory day-job and dreaming large on these acres. These days, as a local, family farm, we offer Natural meats; Workshops on animal care & processing; Farm stays and school field trips; Heritage breeding stock. Livestock Conservancy members, we raise Irish Dexter & Scottish Highland cattle; Scottish Soay sheep; Myotonic & Arawapa goats; and Argente, American & Silver Fox rabbits. Our ruminants are raised as autonomously as possible on pasture, natural grass-fed & finished, with predator-compatible and wetland conservation practices. Heritage breeds require less intervention (chemical and otherwise), have a lighter footprint on the land (esp. that otherwise unfit for agriculture), and offer more nuanced/intense meat flavors.